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10 Years of Innovation

TechnoPurple pioneered the aggregated track and trace platform, revolutionizing trip-based tracking, single window violation monitoring, digital gate check, driver app, QRT live monitoring, and performance benchmarking. We've led the industry with cutting-edge solutions.

10 Years of Consistency

TechnoPurple provides robust cloud infrastructure and backend services, ensuring a stable, secure experience for all users, with a historical uptime exceeding 99%. With TechnoPurple, you can trust in unwavering performance.

10 Years of Trust

TechnoPurple prioritizes your data security and integrity, maintaining an impeccable record with zero breaches or compromises. Your information is always safe with TechnoPurple.

10 Years of Proactive

Response TechnoPurple’s expert technical and operational support team is dedicated to providing prompt responses, ensuring you never need to follow up on your queries. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

10 Years of Ecosystem

TechnoPurple has supported a vast ecosystem comprising 1200 Transporters, 250 GPS Providers, 100,000 Drivers, 150,000 Vehicles, and 200,000 Trips. Our aim always has been to eliminate anxiety and inspire confidence among all stakeholders.

10 Years of Accountability

TechnoPurple understands that good things happen only once, and we've ensured the show goes on, whether we were paid for the services or not. We've always put our users and customers first, ensuring continuity and reliability.

  • Adding new trip definitions
  • Creating new location geo-fences
  • Adding new Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)
  • Registering new drivers and vehicles
  • Unrestricted trip usage
  • Bulk excel downloads of data/reports
  • Access to historic trip usage
  • Advanced analytics and AI-driven insights
  • Customizable alerts and notifications
  • New user interface and features
  • Dedicated account management
  • Personalized support
Global Tracking Platform
Global Tracking Platform